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Memorial Day is near!


Memorial day is coming soon, which means pools begin to open and the unofficial start of the summer season is upon us. Gather your barbecue grills, brats, and cheer on the O’s with a cold Boh.

Today’s photo is of downtown  Baltimore on the inner harbor featuring private boats and to the left – the Baltimore Aquarium.


Bring on Summer!

Summer in Baltimore
Summer in the Inner Harbor

With all the snow we’ve got in Baltimore in 2014, many of us are looking towards another beautiful summer downtown in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Search engine optimization for Baltimore businesses

Did you know that website engagement for pages listed on Page 2 (and beyond) of search engine listings only get clicks from about 1% or less of search users? Baltimore SEO experts SERPSherpa have cracked the code on local SEO, bringing small business websites to page one and bringing more potential customers to Baltimore small businesses.

SERPSherpa also focuses on a new trend in search engine optimization called online reputation management. Managing the online reputation of a small business can drastically improve the amount of visitors going to a business website. When users see negative mentions of a company, they often skip over those pages in search results, looking only at companies having good reviews (or at least no bad ones). By using SEO techniques on positive websites about a company, SERPSherpa can push negative entries off the page, giving search users only a positive experience when searching. Remember, only 1% ever visit pages on page 2.


Spotlight Baltimore

Baltimore businesses looking to increase their web presence should look to the newest Baltimore-focused online business magazine, Spotlight Baltimore. Part business directory, part magazine, Spotlight Baltimore showcases local businesses and the owners behind them.

Many websites feature articles that talk directly about the business and its offerings, but Spotlight Baltimore goes beyond the information you can find in a Yellow Pages site and strives to unearth harder to find information about the business, such as community outreach. Many pages focus only on the business, but neglect the fact that local businesses are owned by local owners who are residents of our local community.

Speaking with the owners about their businesses provides a great behind the scenes look at the daily life of a small business owner who is also usually out there doing the same work as their employees. Business owners are regular people who, like most of us, have interesting lives and great stories behind how the business was started and why.